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What Are The Characteristics Of Women From Romania?

Have you ever wondered about Romanian women’s key characteristics and how they might impact your experience dating them? Dating Romanian women can undeniably offer a great deal of potential. After all, women from Romania are genuinely breathtaking in many cases. And, by ensuring you know everything there is to know about Romania and Romanian women before you travel, you may be able to meet some genuinely gorgeous women going forwards. Romania is a large Eastern European country that is the twelfth-largest within the European Union. Notably, the country falls on approximately 238,000 square kilometers of land – however, this makes it only the 81st largest country by land mass internationally. Moldavia and Wallachia unified in 1859 to create what is now Romania, and the country then gained complete independence from the Ottoman Empire around two decades later, in 1877 and 1878. Finally, Greater Romanian formed in 1920, and the country became a socialist republic in 1947. This system continued until 1989, after which Romania transitioned to its current government of a unitary semi-presidential republic. The country’s president is Klaus Iohannis, and its prime minister is Nicolae Ciuca. 

In terms of population, despite its size, Romania is a surprisingly underpopulated country – making it potentially an excellent place to live for those wanting a more laid-back way of life. If you love the hustle and bustle, Romania may not be the country for you, but it could be excellent if you enjoy having a little more personal space. Indeed, the population density of Romania is approximately 80 people per square kilometer, ranking it at 136th in population density – that’s incredibly low compared to most other European nations! The total population of Romania is roughly 19 million people, based on 2021 estimates; however, this represents a sharp fall since the 2011 census, when around 1 million more people lived in Romania than they do now. This figure indicates that the population of Romania is falling by about 100,000 people annually, mainly due to falling birth rates and migration out of the country. 

Despite the number of people leaving Romania for other countries, looking for a higher quality of life, Romania ranks as the 49th best country to live in for quality of life, based on the Human Development Index (HDI). Furthermore, the per-capita GDP is around $36,000, ranking Romania 40th. Moreover, the Romanian GDP is over $704 billion, making Romania the 36th most wealthy country internationally. In other words, regarding the quality of life and GDP per capita, women from Romania live somewhat similar lives to women from, e.g., SpainPortugal, and Cyprus. Therefore, if you’re looking to live in Romania with your new Romanian girlfriend or partner, it’s worth considering whether this could be the right country for you. Still, with some genuine beauties in the area, it’s easy to see why many people are looking for a Romanian partner! Most Romanian women have light brown or tanned skin with dark eyes and dark hair, making them incredibly easy on the eye. In addition, they are often relatively curvy, making them incredibly alluring to many people visiting the country looking for love. Moreover, they are generally of average European height, with Romanian women measuring around 5 feet 5 inches on average – as such, they’re often a good match for most people looking for love.

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