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Dating In Russia: What You Need To Know (Tips)

Russia, located in Eastern Europe and the largest country globally, is home to some of the most beautiful and lively women in the world. However, the first thing you should know about Russian women is that most of them will only consider their fellow citizens for marriage. Searching for information about Russian women online, you might come across a variety of assertions regarding Russian women and their numbers, many of which contradict one another. As a result, we’ll go through the statistical facts and how they can be used to predict the chances of finding a beautiful Russian bride in this post. Statistics might be perplexing, and numbers can frequently distort the topics you’re trying to study. Furthermore, applying a purely statistical approach to a problem is not necessarily the greatest technique to determine your chances of success and the best plan to use to achieve your goal. When it comes to finding a beautiful Russian bride, there are a few more criteria to consider beyond the country’s gender ratios. Let’s start with the fact that there are almost 10 million more women in Russia than men, putting Russia in the top 5% of countries with more women than men.

In 2020, Russia’s female population will be around 79 million. That said, we must consider the quantity of single Russian women in order to decide if you have a good or bad chance of finding a Russian bride. When we count the single women in Russia from the age of 16 and up, we find that 17 percent have never been married, 18 percent are widowed, and 12 percent are divorced or separated, totaling over 48 percent of the country’s women, or 37.920.00 million women. As a result, compared to global ratios where men outweigh women by a few percentage points, Russia is the ideal place to meet a single lady. Geographical and demographic factors within Russia also play a vital role when looking for a Russian bride, such as in large cities like Moscow and St. Petersburg. Compared to the smaller cities and towns found throughout Russia, the gender ratio is more balanced. As a result, your chances improve even more if you look for a Russian woman outside major cities. You must also consider the cultural parts of the equation, which may work in your favor.

Russian men are notorious for being abusive and big drinkers, and they have a lower life expectancy than Russian women. Alcoholism has long been an issue in Russia, especially among young and middle-aged males. According to a 2014 study published in The Lancet Medical Journal, excessive vodka drinking is Russia’s number one killer, accounting for disproportionate deaths among Russian men. As a result, many Russian women would rather be single than live with an abusive man who drinks. Furthermore, a 2013 Pew Research Center survey indicated a strong gender disparity in opinions regarding drinking in Russia: 52 percent of women believe that drinking alcohol is ethically undesirable, compared to only 36 percent of males. As a result, the chances for a Western guy looking for a Russian bride who does not consume alcohol have grown even more. Furthermore, a big majority of Russian women under 50 prefer a Western man to a Russian man by default. As a result, every Western man looking for a Russian bride has a strong opportunity right away. So, what is it like dating a Russian woman?

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