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Showing A Beautiful Cypriot Woman

Dating In Cyprus: Everything You Need To Know (Tips)

Cyprus is a small island located in the Eastern Mediterranean Sea, 97 km west of Syria and 64 km west of Turkey. Since ancient times, it has been known for its mineral wealth, excellent wines and fruits, and beautiful women. Cyprus is the region’s third-largest and most populous island, located east of Greece. Cyprus covers 9,250 Square kilometers and has a 400-mile-long coastline. The island is 225 kilometers long and 97 kilometers wide at its widest point. According to World Data, the country has a population of 1.22 million people currently. Nicosia, Cyprus’s largest city, serves as the country’s capital. The city is located on the Mesaoria plain, on the banks of the River Pedieos. Figures released by the Cyprus Statistical Service show that males outnumber females in Cyprus, with approximately 599,358 women and about 625,694 men. Also, according to the CIA World Factbook 2021, the gender ratio in Cyprus is 104 men for every 100 women (104:100), and those who are married for the first time are on average 29.3 years old.

Cyprus has an open, free-market economy that is primarily service-based and ranks 19th out of 45 European countries. The country’s economy has rebounded in recent years, due to domestic demand and tourism, after being severely impacted by the global financial crisis and the exposure of the national banking system. Nonetheless, the advent of the COVID-19 pandemic and the subsequent restrictive measures resulted in a significant drop in GDP, which the IMF estimates to be -5.1 percent. Food processing, paper, chemical products, textiles, metal products, and petroleum refining account for 12.7 percent of the GDP and employ 16 percent of the working population. When it comes to the women of Cyprus, the average Cypriot woman has great respect for sumptuous men and the male body. And once they form a friendship, they tend to become more intimate. Due to the sparse population of Cyprus, most people know each other or are remotely related, reducing the need for formality.

Cypriot women possess good looks. Many of them are tall, tanned with olive skin, and with darker hair and brown eyes. The women of Cyprus have thick, well-groomed brows and large, dove-like eyes with naturally occurring lighter hues. The majority of these women are recognized for having long noses with gorgeous pink lips. In Cyprus, women take excellent care of their appearance and are very feminine, and they have been taught to honor and respect men as a part of their culture. Cypriot women like wearing flashy jewelry, attractive apparel, and make-up. It is unusual for a Cypriot woman to walk out of her house not looking her best. Another aspect of Cyprus life is that Cyprus is practically two countries joined in one (about 75% are Greek Cypriots and 20% are Turkish Cypriots), and thus, stereotyping Cypriot women is not always possible. Women in Cyprus like to establish a relationship and, in most cases, do not play hard to get once you’ve defined your intention. Physical contact is the norm in Cyprus, and Cypriot women don’t mind close contact in contrast to women from, e.g., Germany, Sweden, and Finland.

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