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Ukrainian Women For Marriage

Why Do Men Seek Ukrainian Girls For Marriage?

For the past 15 plus years, single Western men have gone to Ukraine to meet Ukrainian girls looking to marry foreigners. It is estimated that international dating websites and Ukrainian marriage agencies each year provide millions of contacts to single Ukrainian girls who desire to get married. Men, particularly from the United States, Canada, Australia, United Kingdom, and North European countries, are the most common visitors to Ukraine when it comes to dating. The average man who goes to Ukraine to meet a single Ukrainian girl is between 40 and 60 years old and has been divorced and has children. Furthermore, he has been single for some years and has tried to find a suitable woman in his home country, only to realize it is impossible. Unfortunately, it has become hard for Western men to find someone to share their life with after a sudden age. The reason is that Western women today choose to live alone rather than being with a man.

According to a new European study, 33% of Western women prefer to live alone, whereas only 8% of single men want to live alone. Moreover, demographically, there are 2-3% more men than women in the majority of Western countries, making it even more difficult to find someone to marry. Also, loneliness is harder on men who live alone than on women, and it has more severe health consequences than it has for women. Consequently, being a single western man over 40 is not as simple as it used to be. Besides, many Western men find it more troublesome to communicate with Western women than it used to be. Today, Western women have welcomed many progressive ideas that view men as adversaries and patriarchs to women no matter the circumstance. Hence, finding common ground with Western women gets more difficult every day, and it does not look like it will change any time soon. It only seems to get graver.

Another reason Western men seek a Ukrainian girl for marriage is the age and sexiness of the Ukrainian girls looking for marriage. In Ukrainian marriages, it is perfectly common, with an age difference of 10-15 years in the man’s favor. The reason is that Ukrainian girls prefer a man who is mature and not a child they have to babysit. And when it comes to looks Ukrainian girls are generally are much more attractive than Western women. A final reason why Western men seek Ukrainian girls for marriage is that girls in Ukraine outnumber men in the millions, and thus there is a surplus of girls compared to Western countries, where there is a surplus of men. Moreover, Ukrainian men are not known to be very gentle or polite to the opposite sex. In Ukraine, you have millions of cases of physical and mental abuse towards women every year, and most of them happen in a marriage to a Ukrainian. So, for Ukrainian girls, Western men are perceived to be more attractive for the fact alone that they treat girls with more respect and consideration.

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