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Viktoria Odintcova Standing In The Bathroom

Viktoria Odintcova: Highlights Of Her Life And Career

Viktoria Odintcova, also called Viki Odintcova, is a Russian model and social media influencer and has been featured in several top magazines worldwide, including the cover of ‘Playboy’ magazine. She was born on November 15, 1994, as Viktoria Odintcova in Saint Petersburg, Russia. Some sources say that she and her family originally came from the town Solikamsk in the Urals and later moved to Saint Petersburgh. Since her childhood, she was fascinated with modeling and decided to pursue her career as a model from a very young age. Not surprisingly, during her childhood and teenage years, people around her believed that she was destined to be a model. Viktoria grew up with her two elder brothers in Saint Petersburg. She attended the St.Petersburg Model School and later joined Perm State University, graduating with a degree in marketing. Her parents have always supported her choices and work, especially her father Sergey, who shares the pictures from her modeling work on his social media accounts, including her ‘Playboy’ cover.

Viktoria began her modeling career after graduating from Perm State University. Immediately after, she started searching for agents and photographers and began to take part in several photoshoots and smaller fashion shows. Furthermore, one of her brothers helped her find modeling agencies in Saint Petersburg. Not that long after, she became acquainted with the photographer Alexander Mavrin; she signed with his agency Mavrin Models in 2014 and soon became the leading model in the agency. Her perfect measurements are 90-63-92 with a height of 173 cm and a weight of 55 kilos. To achieve the desired look, she did some plastic surgery on the advice of the photographer Alexander Mavrin. In addition, Viktoria had breasts enlargement and got her lips made fuller. Last but not least, she dyed her hair and tattooed her eyebrows. In the many photographs before and after the plastic surgery, the difference in her appearance was quite noticeable. She decided to become active on several Social Media platforms, which turned out to be an extremely good idea. Especially Instagram gave her a solid boost and made her stand out from the crowd, increasing her possibilities and connections.

After a year with Mavrin Models and increasing Social Media hype, her career started to take off and become a reality. Foreign and Russian advertisers became aware of her obvious talents and her sensual and strong look. In 2015, things were starting to move fast for her, and she had the opportunity to participate in a photoshoot for the cover of Playboy magazine in June, and later that same year, her photos appeared on the front page of the Netherlands branch of FHM. Viktoria got assigned to jobs and opportunities, mostly advertising jobs, in several countries and consequently had to travel by airplane from client to client and country to country. She mainly does photoshoots and advertising videos for underwear, swimwear, clothes, weight loss aids, hair, and body beauty products. To give an example of one of her jobs, she traveled with Mavrin to Barcelona in 2018 to shoot pictures and videos for the client Guess. Moreover, She also got famous for her many seductive and beautiful pictures and videos, which have been increasingly provocative and to the edge over the years. Lately, she often takes part in “nude” photoshoots, appearing on the front spreads in glossy men’s magazines.

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