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Three Beautiful Russian Women

Why You See Beautiful Russian Women Everywhere?

Beautiful Russian women seem to be everywhere these days. We see them on tv, in magazines, on billboards, at fashion shows, in movies, and on social media. We hear about them from friends who went to Russia and can’t stop talking about how crazy Russia is when it comes to beautiful women. So what is the fuss about, and how come beautiful Russian women are on everybody’s mind? However, first, we are going to go through a little Russian history. Before 1991 Russia was a big part of the Soviet Union, and back then, our exposure to beautiful Russian women was limited to the TV screen during the Olympics, where we saw beautiful Russian female athletes and ice skating princesses taking the gold. After 1991 the Soviet Union had collapsed, and communism in Russia had ended. Thus, a transformation of Russian was set in motion, and the country was on its way toward a free market economy and freedom for its people. From hereon, Russia has been moving forward ever since also when we talk beautiful Russian women. Today, in concert with the internet, mass media has made most information available in every corner of the world, including the knowledge of beautiful Russian women.

Most people worldwide know female Russian athletes such as Anna Kournikova, Darya Klishina, Maria Sharapova, to name a few, who are all remarkably attractive and who have been instrumental in putting beautiful Russian women on everybody’s mind. Likewise, with the rise of supermodels such as Natalia Vodianova, Irina Shayk, and Sasha Pivovarova, who from the 2000s started to dominate catwalks in Paris and New York, only to be followed by thousands of other beautiful Russian models. Also, let’s not forget the beautiful Russian angels of Victoria’s Secret, such as Kate Grigorieva, Irina Sharipova, Valery Kaufman, and many more, that have made heads turn worldwide over the past decade. Furthermore, it is not only the famous beautiful Russian women, the world has started noticing. With the rising growth of internet asses for people worldwide, hundreds of Russian dating sites have emerged targeting single western men looking for a beautiful Russian woman to meet, date, or marry. It is estimated that international Russian dating sites get over 200 million visits every year. Thus, providing a massive platform for men who wants to communicate with beautiful Russian women in the hope of meeting someone special to date or marry.

Another place we have started to notice beautiful Russian women is in our local communities. Today if you live in North America or any country within the EU, beautiful Russian women are seen more and more where you live. Since the 1990s, millions of beautiful Russian women have left Russia to welcome a life in the west. Some have met a man and got married, others have moved to live with family, and some to work. The reasons for this exodus are manifold, but one reason has to do with the fact that there are many more women than men in Russia; thus, for even a beautiful Russian woman, it can be tough to find a decent husband with whom she can have children. Another reason has to do with Russian women’s social status, where it can be difficult for a woman in Russia to find a meaningful well-paid job. Thus, making it difficult providing a decent future for a Russian woman’s children. In conclusion, and answering the question; why do we see beautiful Russian women everywhere? The answer is that beautiful Russian women have become known and acknowledged through mass media and the internet, together with the rise of international Russian dating sites and immigration from Russia.

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