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Beautiful Russian woman in her white wedding dress

What To Expect Being Married To A Russian Woman? (Guidelines)

Women in Russia are known for their affection, loyalty, and good looks, making them some of the most sought-after women on popular marriage agency websites today. Since the Soviet Union’s collapse in 1991, over a million women from Russia have left their home country to marry a foreigner. This exodus has numerous reasons; some left due to periods of a bad economy and lack of opportunities, and others because of a lack of men in Russia. Starting a family and finding a good husband can be challenging for women in Russia. Thus, finding someone through a Russian marriage agency seems like a natural solution to many Russian women.

For centuries women in Russia have survived hard and challenging times, yet they have still managed to be positive, loving, and caring. If you give a Russian woman the respect and love she deserves, she will treat you like a prince and help you in whatever situation you might face. As a mother, a Russian woman is probably a little more strict than women in the west, and in a lot of cases, she prefers to raise her children herself rather than to park them in an institution for most of the day. Family comes first, and even though most Russian women have completed higher education, a professional career comes second. Also, a lot of Russian women make great entrepreneurs. You will be surprised by how many women in Russia own and run their own business, small or big. They are used to challenges, and they never give up without a fight.

So what to expect being married to a Russian woman? First of all, you’ll discover that being married to a Russian woman can be quite different from being married to a western woman. Traditional values, such as tradition, family, children, and marriage, play a more prominent role in a Russian woman’s life. Therefore, a Russian woman is known to fight harder than anybody for her marriage and family. She is loyal and does not believe in infidelity, which means that it is a bad idea to be a Russian woman unfaithful. To the modern and progressive man, she might seem old-fashioned in some of her views and beliefs. However, if you treat a Russian woman right and respectfully, she will bless your life by being the most fantastic and beautiful wife there is.

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