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Why Are Single Russian Women Looking For Love Online? (Clues)

If you have ever been to Russia for tourism or business, you most likely couldn’t help noticing a significant amount of lovely Russian women no matter where you went. You might also have wondered why there are so many lovely women in Russia. You strolled by them on the streets, and you met them in the supermarket. They seemed to be everywhere. Also, it seemed that all the Russian women were very well dressed in beautiful colorful dresses, miniskirts, or fashionable tight jeans. Accordingly, anyone in his right mind would think that all Russian women most likely never under any circumstances would have a problem finding someone to love and share their life. However, the fact is that Russin women do have difficulty finding someone to love and share their life; how crazy that might seem to a westerner. And as a result, many single women in Russia try to find someone on an international dating site or through a Russian marriage agency website. In this article, we’ll examine some of the main reasons why so many Russian women are looking for love online.

Women in Russia outnumber men significantly, especially when you go outside the big cities like Moscow and St Petersburg. Thus from that perspective alone, it is difficult for a lovely Russian woman to find a loving partner or husband. Furthermore, for cultural reasons, Russian men don’t always treat their women very well. As an example, it was estimated that in 2019 alone, almost 16 million Russian women were the victims of domestic violence abuse perpetrated by their husbands or partner. Furthermore, the law in Russia doesn’t prohibit a Russian man from using physical violence against a wife or girlfriend. And thus, it does not look like the problem is going to go away anytime soon. Another reason why single Russian women are looking for love online has to do with Russian women’s perception of men from, e.g., the United States or Europe. To a Russian woman, western men are considered to be more kind and affectionate not only towards their wife or partner but also when it comes to bringing up children.

Moreover, with most young women in Russia having a university degree, Russian women are highly educated. However, opportunities in Russia are limited, and salaries are remarkably low, especially outside the above-mentioned big cities. So for a Russian woman to find a meaningful and well-paid job is rare. Likewise, when it involves bringing up children, a Russian woman finds herself between a rock and a hard place, not only because of the lack of good Russian men but also because she will not be able to provide especially well for her children. In conclusion, and to answer the question; why are single Russian women looking for love online? The answer is that on an international dating site or through a Russian marriage agency website, a Russian woman hopes to meet not only someone whom she can love and cherish but also someone who will provide her with better opportunities for herself and her children outside of Russia.

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