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Dating In Italy Italian Women

Dating In Italy: Everything You Need To Know (Tips)

Italy is ideal for lovers, with cobblestone piazzas to roam, excellent meals to savor, and stunning views to appreciate. While the country’s reputation for romance is well known, Italians can also be perplexing, frustrating, and sticklers regarding its unwritten “rules” of courting. Italy’s population was about 60.3 million as of August 2021, with women accounting for over 51.2% of the population. Its population density is higher than most Western European countries, at 197 persons per square kilometer (510/sq mi). The population is distributed unevenly; the most densely populated areas are the Po Valley (which accounts for nearly half of the national population) in northern Italy and the metropolitan areas of Rome and Naples in central and southern Italy, while other vast areas are sparsely populated, such as the Basilicata plateaus, the Alps and Apennines highlands, and the island of Sicily. Consequently, there are better chances of meeting single Italian women in major cities like Rome, Milan, and Naples.

Italy has had no official religion since the revised Lateran Treaty accord in 1984. It does, however, acknowledge the dominant role of the Catholic Church in Italian society. In 2017, 78% of the population identified as Catholic, 15% as non-believers or atheists, 2% as other Christians, and 6% as adherents of other religions. The average net-adjusted disposable income per capita in Italy is $26,588 per year, which is lower than the OECD average of $33,604 per year. In terms of employment, 58% of Italians aged 15 to 64 have a paid job, which is lower than the OECD employment average of 68%. Men work for 67% of the time, while women work for 49% of the time. In Italy, 4% of employees work extremely long hours, which is lower than the OECD average of 11%, with 6% of males working very long hours compared to 2% of women. According to Statista, there are about 8.6 million singles in Italy (those living alone). Since the female to male ratio is higher, you can expect there to be more women than men on the dating scene, even though it’s only with a tiny gap. However, there’s no lack of gorgeous Italian women to meet, especially in the bigger cities.

The voluptuous physiques of Italian women fascinate most men. Other attractive characteristics shared by stunning Italian women include dark or blonde hair, brown eyes, slender waists, and broad hips. Italian women are stunning. Their ability to dress adequately and embody fashion trends is the key to their success. Spending money on fashion is what Italian women enjoy for them to enhance their innate beauty. Also, for Italian women, having a tanned complexion is crucial, which is why they enjoy sunbathing at Italy’s beaches. A typical Italian woman is known for her high-pitched voice, which is hard to ignore when she needs to make a point. A typical Italian woman has an affluent life as she is always open to new experiences. Also, most Italian women have a high energy level; they are motivated and love to do new things they find interesting. Italian women are rarely unsatisfied with life and are always looking for ways to turn lemons into lemonade. Furthermore, most Italian women are intelligent due to a solid education and good genes. And as you might already know, Italian women love to cook, and they always put family first.

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