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Three Ukrainian and Russian Brides

Russian Brides and Ukrainian Brides, What’s The Difference?

Russian Brides have become extremely popular over the past ten years or so. However, men who search for a single woman from Russia often come across websites with Ukrainian Brides who also are looking for marriage on international dating or marriage agency websites. In this article, we’ll examine the differences between a Ukrainian Bride and a Russian Bride, so stay with us to find out. Apart from the obvious that Ukrainian Brides live in Ukraine and Russian Brides in Russia, there are a few notable differences in mentality, attitudes towards men, and even sex. Furthermore, when it comes to dating a Ukrainian Bride in Ukraine vs. Dating a Russian Bride in Russia, the two countries offer different possibilities. Nonetheless, let’s jump right in and start with what they have in common. Both Ukraine and Russia used to be a part of the Soviet Union that collapsed in 1991, and both countries have gone through times of hardship. In Ukraine, as in Russia, right after the collapse of the Soviet Union, times were tough and especially for women.

Thus, many Ukrainian women welcomed the idea of finding a Western man to marry and start a family. Also, if you have read our article on Russian Brides statistics, which you find here, – you’ll know that Russian women outnumber men in vast numbers. In Ukraine, the situation is the same concerning Ukraine’s demographics, i.e., there are a lot more women than men living there. Also, like Russian men, Ukrainian men are known to drink an awful lot of vodka and not treat their women very well. And thus, from a social-cultural perspective, the two countries are a lot alike. Nevertheless, there are some differences when it comes to the mentality of Ukrainian Brides vs. Russian Brides. Foremost, Ukrainian Brides tend to be less conservative than their Russian counterparts. In Russia, women generally are old-school when it comes to dating, marriage, and family, which means for a Western man who wants to marry a Russian woman, he has to go through a more set string of dating rituals. Whereas, Ukrainian Brides seem to be a little more lax regarding men and the whole dating game.

In Russia, for example, the concept of casual sex more or less does not exist, whereas in Ukraine, it is culturally more accepted. Furthermore, over the past 10-15 years, Ukraine has become more Westernised than Russia and is gradually moving towards becoming fully Westernized both culturally and mentally. Likewise, people in Ukraine are more accustomed to foreigners as the tourist industry in Ukraine has been booming for the past ten years, especially in the South, where Ukraine offers sandy beaches on the Black Sea, great nightlife, and beautiful women. Mentally Ukrainian Brides are more outspoken and direct than Russian Brides, i.e., they frequently say what on their minds, and they don’t avoid conflicts as much as Russian Brides. Ukrainian Brides, like Russian Brides, tend to be very beautiful and feminine; however, in Ukraine, you do see more and more women adopting Western women’s taste for, e.g., dressing in all black, getting tattoos, and short hair. However, most Ukrainian women, compared to Western women, are still feminine and have traditional values such as family, children, and marriage.

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