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Three Beautiful Russian Women

What Are The Characteristics Of Russian Women?

We see beautiful Russian women no matter where we look, from TV commercials to Social Media; Russian women seem to be everywhere today. They all look stunning with beautiful eyes, long legs, and dressed to kill. So let’s examine what the fuss is about when it comes to Russian women and what features they possess to get all the attention they do. Of course, beauty is an obvious feature that we think about when we look at Russian women. Also, their sexiness is hard to miss, but what other characteristics are worth mentioning? The first feature that we’ll go over has to with a Russian woman’s temperament. Women in Russia most often keep their calm and try to be pragmatic about most issues. Thus, approaching life from a rational viewpoint, trying to find the best possible solution to whatever problem that needs to be solved. What is more, they sometimes even seem reserved, indifferent, and with no emotions. Yet, don’t get fooled; it only takes a minor spark for a Russian woman to change from being cool and pragmatic to turn into a volcano of temperament. 

Another characteristic of Russian women is how they communicate with men who want to date them. In contrast to western women, a Russian woman tends to be ambiguous in her answers if a man is interested in her. Thus, getting a straight answer is not easy. For example, you can ask a Russian woman if she wants to meet tomorrow and the answer will be – maybe. Thus, leaving you with nothing more than the anticipation of finding out later or maybe not. If you want to go on a date with a Russian woman, you are better off ordering her were to be at a specific time. Russian women, like men you know how to take control of a situation. Also, when it comes to, e.g., business or job positions, Russian women are no-nonsense all the way. In the west, women tend to talk about their plans; in Russia, women take action and get it done. Another characteristic of Russian women is their sometimes obsessive focus on how they look. A Russian woman will never get caught in public wearing her jogging pants and without make-up. Even if she is out jogging, she’ll still look sharp in tights and fancy trainers. 

When going out to a nightclub or restaurant, a Russian woman will never be satisfied before she looks more stunning and sexier than everybody else. Moreover, the fitness center is the second home to many Russian women, where they spend hours working on their buds and chest to look sexy. Likewise, plastic surgery has become a big thing for Russian women. Today you see Russian women with breast implant size big no matter where you go. When it comes to romance, Russian women are old-shool and expect the men to do their utmost to please them. So when you go on a date with a Russian woman, expect that you have to pick her up and bring her home, pay for dinners and nightclubs visits, take her shopping and walk her dog. The paradigm being that if a Russian woman spends so much time looking good for you, it is only fair you pay for everything when in her company. If you want to know more about Russian women and what dating in Russia is like – here is a link to a great article we wrote.

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