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Why Do Western Men Seek Russian Brides For Marriage?

It is no secret that more and more men from Western countries seek a Russian Bride for marriage. However, today millions of men worldwide can’t find someone to date or marry in their community no matter how hard they try. And as a result, the internet has become the place to go when single men wish to meet someone to date or marry. However, even though it is easy to join a dating website finding a suitable match is a whole different ballgame. The Omnicom Media Group surveyed in 2015 where they investigated how many men on local dating sites were able to find a suitable match they could start dating. For men, the findings were depressing and discouraging, especially for men over 40. To begin with, men on average outnumber women two to one, which from that fact alone makes it difficult to meet a suitable woman. But when you start digging into the data, it becomes even worse. It turned out that around 25% of women listed on local dating websites, e.g., in the United Kingdom are not actually there to meet someone; instead, they use the dating platforms for entertainment and get confirmation that they are wanted.

Furthermore, it turned out that 20% of the women listed were already in some sort of relationship, whereas only 5% of men were in some sort of relationship. Hence, making the odds for a man finding a woman even worse. On top of that, when men were asked how many letters they would receive on a weekly basis, the average number was 2-3, but when asked again if the letters they received were from someone they would consider taking on a date, the answer was that it would be unlikely 99% of the time. Another finding was that the response rate drops even further for men who are 40+ who seek someone their age or younger. When it came to the women listed on local dating websites, they could choose and pick even if they were not especially attractive. A woman that was considered attractive or very attractive would get so many invites and letters from men that they most often gave up going through the send correspondence.

Thus, if you are a single Western man over 40, your chance to find someone you age or younger who is attractive or very attractive is almost zero on a local dating website. In contrast, the odds are very different on international and Russian marriage agency websites. We wrote this article about Russian Brides statistics that go through all the numbers regarding single Russian women. Anyway, the reason why so many Western men seek a Russian Bride for marriage is primarily that in today’s world, it has become more or less impossible for Western men to find somebody attractive after the age of 40. Some twenty years ago, for a Western man, finding a suitable match was not a problem as the gender ratios in the West are more or less even and have been for a long time. But culturally, the West has changed, and today, women who become single after the age of 30 will, in most cases, rather stay single than to live with a man, whereas the vast majority of men prefer to live with a woman.

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