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Dating In Finland

Dating In Finland: Everything You Need To Know (Tips)

Finland is one of the smallest countries in Northern Europe, with about 5.53 million people. Even the capital city Helsinki, unlike other countries, is sparsely populated with about 640,000 residents. Finland is a well-developed country with a thriving economy and highly educated population. Yes, the Finnish people are prominent in education, and any attempt to demonstrate intellectual superiority with a Finnish woman will most likely backfire. The country shares its borders with Russia to the East, Sweden to the West, Norway to the North, and the Gulf of Finland of the Baltic Sea across Estonia to the South. Finland is not among the Scandinavian countries but is strong on Nordic culture, and it influences how they relate both in their dating and everyday life. For instance, locals are very straightforward and unpretentious in their ways. A Finnish man or woman will give you their opinion unapologetically – even though humility and modesty are cultural norms. Also, unlike countries where people are always looking forward to summer during winter, Finns are super proud of their extremely cold winter season. You’ll find a good number of people out and about when it is chilling outside. So, you can pretty much tell what fun is like here. Finns are big on snowboarding and skiing.

There are a tad more women than men in Finland; you find 2.8 million women and 2.73 million men in Finland. But, according to Statista, the population has been increasing slowly in recent years in favor of women. Like in the neighboring countries, women (in the dating bracket) are fairly scarce, but that’s not the major dating problem. The thing is, Finnish women aren’t exactly big on dating and committed relationships. Moreover, they are notorious for being upfront and direct about dating and flings, but that’s if they want you. If a Finn doesn’t like you, you’ll know immediately, and there’s pretty much no pickup line or “finessing” that will get you any further. The subtle standoffish and independent norm in Finland can make dating a little challenging, especially for men. But the good side to it is that at least you won’t be wasting your time trying to impress someone that isn’t interested in you.

Luckily, Finnish women are super gorgeous, and you can bet they share some of the Nordic stereotypes with their North European neighbors. For starters, blondes aren’t in shortage at all. But there are also many brunettes, and it’s not rare to see pink hair floating around in major cities. They have slender bodies with slender curves in the right places. They are very sporty, polite, super independent, and often introverted. In public places, with lots of Finnish women, some of the first things you’ll notice are their beautiful eyes and nice skin. The women are mostly tall, friendly, and outspoken in practical manners. Finns are very pragmatic people, and you can quickly tell in your first conversation with a Finnish woman. They are friendly and open to interesting conversations, but they are also very indrawn, and the ‘personal space’ is always monitored if you’re a stranger. That means how and where you approach a Finnish woman is key. For instance, trying to talk to a woman on a bus for the first time might seem like you’re invading her personal space since you’ll have to be up close. Even good looks won’t get you a pass if you don’t make your move right, which brings us to the next section – do Finnish women play hard to get?

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