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Dating Sweden

Dating In Sweden: Everything You Need To Know (Tips)

Sweden has the largest population of singles in the whole of Europe – about 39.2% of the population in 2018 – still dating is significantly tougher here than most European countries. Some even go to the extent of calling the country “the world’s single capital.” Sweden is the largest country in Northern Europe and the fifth largest in Europe (450,295 km2). The Scandinavian Mountain chain separates the country from Norway on the west, and on the east is a 3,218 km long coastline. It has maritime borders with Germany, Russia, Poland, Denmark, Latvia, Estonia, and Lithuania. According to Global Finance, Sweden is pretty much an economically buoyant country, ranking 18th in the world’s richest countries as of May 2021. The country does well economically and socially, with a very high ranking worldwide. But Sweden is a country where ‘personal space’ is taken seriously, and small talks with strangers aren’t exactly a thing.

According to Statista, the country has a 10.38 million population in 2020, with 5.16 million women and about 5.37 million men and 344,142 women living alone (15-54 years). With that stat, you can tell that there’s a general lack of women in Sweden. And aside from the fact that there are more single men than single women in Sweden, dating can be difficult in the country for a couple of other reasons mentioned in the next section. Although the female population was much higher than the male population, numbers never had much to say in the dating dynamics in Sweden. The Swedish dating life is mostly shaped by their liberal views. A majority of the women here prides themselves as independent and strong, and women “shooting their shots” weren’t seen as “easy.”

Nevertheless, most Swedish women are educated and high-to-mid income earners. They are also known to be super independent, so don’t be surprised if a Swedish woman asks to split the bill even on a first date. Swedish ladies are tall, pretty, have proportionate features, and have smooth skin. A majority of them are blondies with thin lips and grey or deep blue eyes. And as for their attitude towards men and sex, Swedish women are sexually open-minded, more than most countries in the world. Their men are, in fact, shyer than the women. The country is extremely cold most of the year, so what better way than cuddling up under the blanket? Also, sex is not exactly a big deal in Sweden. American President Eisenhower, in the 60s, said Sweden is a country of “free sex.” While that might sound like just another stereotype, it wasn’t said in a vacuum. Even as far back as the 40s, Swedes are known as people who don’t ‘glorify sex.’

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