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Is It Expensive Dating Single Women In Russia? (Explained)

The Russian dating industry seems to be booming; dating sites with Russian women and Russian marriage agencies each year seem to become more and more popular. Thousands of single men, especially from the United States and Europe, travel to Russia to meet a single Russian woman looking to meet, date and marry a foreign man. If you happen to be one of them, it might be helpful to keep reading, as we are going to investigate some of the issues to consider when traveling to Russia, including answering whether it is expensive to date a woman in Russia. Initially, expenses such as airplane tickets, your hotel stay, airport transfers, etc., are straightforward to budget. Yet, you might be wondering how much money you should bring to cover the costs related to the dating activities themself? However, before we move on, it is essential to understand Russian dating etiquette and some Russian cultural aspects related to dating Russian women. In Russia, women expect a man to pay for everything if she goes out on a date, if she is invited to the movies or if a male colleague or friend asks her for lunch. Hence, in Russia today, the rules are the same as they used to be in the west before the cultural revolution happened in the 1970s.

Thus, when you plan on how much money to bring to Russia, it is expected that you pay for dinners, lunches, visits to museums, movie tickets, nightclub visits, transportation, etc. However, Russia is a big country, and prices in Russia vary greatly depending on where you are going. Thus, if your date is in Moscow, prices are high, whereas if your date is located in a smaller town is can be very cheap compared to western standards. Going out for dinner at a fancy restaurant or to a hip nightclub can be extremely expensive in Moscow. Moscow has a population of over 11 million people living there, and out of the 11 million people, you have an estimated 1.5 million people who are millionaires in US Dollars. Also, Moscow is home to the world’s third-largest number of billionaires. Thus, the entrance fee to get into a fancy nightclub can be 1000 USD per person, 500 USD for a bottle of wine, 50 Dollars for a cola, and so forth. In contrast, if you go to a smaller city or town in Russia, 100 USD will cover dinner, a nightclub visit, and a taxi home to where you are staying. Thus, to answer the question of dating a woman in Russia is expensive; it depends on where you are going.

Likewise, you also have to take into consideration the personality of the woman you are meeting, her age, and her expectations of meeting you. Say that the woman you are meeting is 33 with two children who live in a smaller city. Most likely, she is not interested in going to any fancy restaurants or nightclubs in Moscow; she’ll rather spend time in the park or at a beach where she can bring her children. Whereas, if your date lives in Moscow and is 22 and you are 45, and in your correspondence, you have told her that you are the king of the dancefloor and the city you live in, most likely she expects you to take her to the newest and most hip nightclub in Moscow. Thus, answering the question, is it expensive to date a woman in Russia? It very much depends on you and how you have portrayed yourself online. Some men go all in and do the whole Moscow date to impress procedure. Others do a much more low-key appearance and focus on more intimate and personal activities, such as planning a picnic in the local park or at the beach.

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