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What Is Dating In Russia Like? (Insights To Russia)

There are three common reasons why men go to Russia. To work, for tourism, or to meet a single Russian woman found on a Russian dating site or through a Russian marriage agency. A single foreign man who works in Russia sometimes starts dating a Russian woman he meets through the workplace or through the community where he lives. Often expats in Russia stay for years, and thus over time, a single foreigner in Russia will eventually bump into someone he can start dating. Single men who go to Russia for tourism often come with a male friend to take the Trans-Siberian Railroad through Russia or try out the wild nightlife in Moscow etc. Thus, meeting a single Russian woman to start dating is not that likely simply because of the lack of time. However, what we will focus on in this context are the single men who go to Russia because they have met someone through a Russian dating site or Russian marriage agency. Dating in Russia can be challenging or straightforward depending on your approach, what you expect, your preparations, and where you are going in Russia.

Initially, when planning to date someone in Russia, you have to have to come to terms with how big Russia actually is. Thus, there is a significant difference if you have met someone who lives in Moscow or Vladivostok. Also, there is a big difference whether the single Russian woman you have to meet lives in a big or a small city. Unlike the United States or western Europe, prices fluctuate a lot in Russia depending on what city or part of the country you visit. Moscow is known as one of the world’s most expensive cities to visit and live in, whereas if you go to smaller towns around Russian, things can be extremely cheap. E.g., prices for accommodation in Moscow are approximately 200-500 USD per night for a standard hotel room, whereas if you go to smaller towns or cities, you can find a standard hotel room for 20 bugs a night. Transportation in Russia is relatively cheap, no matter if you are in a big or small city. Public transportation such as metros and busses are much more affordable than in, e.g., the United States or western Europe. Likewise, if you want to fly within Russia, airplane tickets are also generally cheaper.

Concerning the dating experience itself, dating a woman in Russia can be different from what you are used to when it comes to a few issues. For example, the majority of people in Russia do not speak English, or they speak relatively poor English. Thus, when you start dating in Russia, it is a good idea to bring a small dictionary and download a translation app from the internet. Alternatively, if you are meeting a single woman through a Russian marriage agency, the agency, in most cases, can provide a translator. Another issue that can be different from what you are used to might be Russian dating etiquette. For example, Russian women are more cautious opening up about their personal feelings, especially when they meet someone the first couple of times. Also, don’t expect to have sex on a first date. In contrast to women in, e.g., the United States and Europe, Russian women tend to play hard to get, simply to test if the man they are dating or have started dating is serious about her. Likewise, meeting the family sometimes is a prerequisite for more intimate relations with a single Russian woman you have just met.

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