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Russian Dating Advice

Russian Dating Advice: What You Should Know (Tips)

Unfortunately, many men in the West today suffer difficulty in finding someone to share their lives with at home. In Western countries like the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and most European countries, finding a single attractive woman has almost become impossible for ordinary men, especially after 40. Nevertheless, along with this development, Russian dating websites have become more popular and prevalent than ever. Searching the internet for single Russian women, you find hundreds of international websites that offer to meet an attractive Russian woman. Thus, providing hope for single Western men who can’t find an attractive woman at home. However, to optimize your chances of finding the perfect Russian woman, there are some dos and don’ts when it comes to Russian dating. Foremost, understanding how Russian women think and how their beliefs and value systems are put together will give you a major advantage when you want to date a woman in Russia. Therefore, understanding something about Russian culture and history is worthwhile if you are serious about dating a Russian woman.

As you probably already know, Russia used to be a part of the Soviet Union that was ruled under a communist dictatorship. In 1991 the Soviet Union collapsed, and Russia was now an independent state. However, it took some ten years after the collapse before Russia started getting back on its feet. During this period, life in Russia was hard on its people with corruption, lack of necessities, and sky-high crime. For women, life was particularly difficult as men in Russia always have tended to drink too much vodka and be somewhat abusive towards women. Thus, if you want to date a single Russian woman drinking too much alcohol is not going to fly. Also, since many Russian men are brutes having a kind and caring nature will take you much further with a Russian woman than a man who is full of himself and thinks he is the king of the world. Russian culture is still very male-dominated, but more and more women in Russia have, through Western media, gained an understanding that a life with a man can be different than what they are used to. Thus, many Russian women dream of a life with a caring husband who also knows how to be a good father.

Consequently, when you start communicating with a single Russian woman, it is a good idea to bring forward you a more gentle and considerate side of yourself. Discussing issues such as family, children, and how you work emotionally will give you a lot of points with most Russian women. Also, try always to be honest even though the truth can sometimes feel embarrassing or you think that it will make you look weak. Trust to Russian women is everything, and most women in Russia are used to men they can’t trust. Therefore, by being honest about issues men in Russia normally would not even discuss, you show a Russian woman that you are different. When it comes to issues such as your social status, income, and what you do, women in Russia are not generally impressed by materialistic men, simply because men in Russia with money tend to be even more obnoxious than other men. You’ll find that as long as you don’t have a problem putting food on the table to most Russian women, an ordinary Western income will suffice. Besides, salaries in Russian are low compared to Western standards, and thus, if you make 50.000 USD a year or one million, to a Russian woman, 50.000 USD is a lot.

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