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Picture Of Slavic Women On Staircase

What Are The Characteristics Of Slavic Women?

Slavic women, we have seen them in movies, play sinister villains plotting to kill the movie’s hero or being the mastermind behind some conspiracy to rule the world, or as a femme fatal seducing men only to poison them later. However, what is the fact when it comes to Slavic women and their characteristics? Here we’ll provide you with an overview of who is considered Slavic and what subgroups you find within the Slavs, and the characteristics you find within each subgroup regarding women. In total, you find 13 countries where its population is considered Slavic, with over 360 million people living in these countries. Moreover, Slavs represent 50% of the European continent and are divided into three subgroups; East Slavs, West Slavs, and South Slavs. Hence, when it comes to the characteristics of Slavic women, you identify many different types and personality traits. Furthermore, within each group of Slavs, socio-economic, religious, and cultural factors vary significantly. The East Slavic countries are Russia, Ukraine, and Belarus. The West Slavic countries are Polen, the Czech Republic, and Slovakia.

The South Slavic countries are Bosnia, Bulgaria, Croatia, Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia, and Slovenia. Nonetheless, when it comes to the characteristics of Slavia women, the stereotypical perception is that Slavic women are attractive, feminine, classy, but also cold and crafty. In regard to men, Slavis women are often seen as a femme fatal that wrap men around their finger; however, in most Slavic countries and cultures, men dominate in most aspects of life. Thus, compared to western standards, where equality beliefs between men and women are dominant, things are quite different in Slavic countries. Moreover, when it comes to family structures, Slavic women are the ones who bring up children and keep the house. In regard to marriage, Slavic women have a different attitude than in the west, thus they get married earlier. Compared to the west Slavic women get married 10-15 years earlier than western women, i.e., in their early or mid-twenties. And regarding having children, it also happens much earlier.

When it comes to Slavic women and men, the role of the man in Slavic culture is still considered to be essential for a woman. For example, a Slavic woman can be highly educated, have a career job, be successful in many aspects of life, but still to some degree be considered a failure if she is not married or has any children. Thus, Slavic women follow more conventional or traditional value systems than those we see in western countries. When it comes to the mentality of Slavic women, they are seen as fighters and survivors. Most Slavic people, no matter if it is East Slavs, West Slavs, or South Slavs, have gone through exceptional hardship during the past 100 years. Wars, communism, revolutions, famines, you name it, have been a tough part of present Slavic history. Thus, Slavic women have had to survive and adapt to the most challenging situations, making them tough and able to endure whatever comes their way. And what is more, they have managed to stay positive, hopeful, and with an intact spirit. In the following sections, we’ll detail each Slavic subgroup and their characteristics in terms of women.

What Are The Characteristics Of East Slavic Women?

What Are The Characteristics Of West Slavic Women?

What Are The Characteristics Of South Slavic Women?

The Differences Between Western and Slavic Women?

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