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Are Ukrainian Girls Sexier Than Russian Girls?

If you have visited an international dating or marriage agency website, you probably couldn’t help notice that on these platforms, you find sexy Ukrainian girls as well as sexy Russian girls. Thus, it is worth examining what the story is regarding Ukrainian girls and if they are sexier than girls in Russia. Ukraine used to be a part of the Soviet Union but became independent in 1991 when the Soviet Union collapsed, and communism was in the past. People in Ukraine speak Ukrainian and Russian, and most Ukrainians have family in Russia. Therefore, from a cultural perspective, Ukraine is similar to Russia and is often described as a sister country even though at the moment there is a conflict between Ukraine and Russia. In Ukraine and Russia, there are more women than men, and thus it is difficult for women in both countries to find a suitable husband or partner. Furthermore, when it comes to local men in both Ukraine and Russia, they are known for being brutes and not valuing their women.

Nonetheless, you might be wondering if there are any differences between Ukrainian girls and Russian girls and if one of the groups is sexier than the other. Initially, when we examine the differences between Ukrainian and Russian girls, they have the same characteristics, especially when comparing the girls in West Russia to Ukrainian girls as a whole. Girls in the Far East of Russia are different altogether and look more Asian, and tend to be shorter and curvy, and will not be a part of our little investigation. So when it comes to the difference between Ukrainian and Russian girls and their sexiness, it is more a question of attitude and behavior rather than physical features. Stereotypically, you can say girls in Ukraine are more Westernized than girls in Russia, and thus, they tend to be less conventional in matters such as gender roles and when it comes to sex. Also, they are more outspoken and less inhibited regarding men and when it comes to expressing their sexuality.

What is more, Ukrainian girls tend to dress more casually than girls in Russia. In Russia, girls dress to kill most of the time, whereas Ukrainian girls only dress to kill if they go out to, e.g., a nightclub or restaurant. Although, if you visit a nightclub or bar in Ukraine, compared to one in Russia, Ukrainian girls tend to be less shy and more sexually provoking in the way they dress. Also, Ukrainian girls tend to be more approachable than Russian girls, and in Ukraine, casual sex is not that uncommon as it is in Russia. In Ukraine, you see Westerners more frequently than in Russia, and thus many Ukrainian girls have at some point dated a Western man, and if she hasn’t married and moved out of Ukraine, she has minimum adopted a more Western behavior. So to answer the question, are Ukrainian girls sexier than Russian girls? You can argue there is no difference regarding physical attractiveness, but there is a difference in attitude and behaviors.

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