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Amazing Facts About Dating Russian Women (Explained)

In the United States and Europe, single Russian women have become some of the most sought-after women to meet, date, and marry. With the emergence of the internet and growing online access in Russia, the number of international Russian dating sites and Russian marriage agencies has soared over the past ten to fifteen years. Consequently, finding a Russian woman to date or marry has become much easier than it used to be. In the old days, if you wanted to date or marry a Russian woman, you had to use physical letters through a penpal service or go to Russia in the hope of bumping into someone who happened to be single. International dating today has become mainstream, also for single Russian women who want to find someone special from a different country than Russia. Currently, it is estimated that you find over half a million Russian women on Russian marriage agency websites looking for a man outside of Russia. Additionally, you find another one-two million single Russian women on more traditional Russian dating sites. Hence, for a single man searching to find someone special, Russia is the place to look.

Nevertheless, before you pack your suitcase and fly to Russia to meet a beautiful Russian woman, a few facts about dating women from Russia might be nice to know. To begin with, you find a significant number of beautiful single women in most places you visit in Russia. The origins of Russian women’s beauty have been discussed widely, and most often, it is attributed to Russia’s ethnic diversity. Others theorize that beautiful Russian women had a higher survival rate during World War I and World War II and during Lenin’s and Stalin’s communist regimes, where the communist state killed millions of its people. Also, Russian women are considered intelligent and forceful, which might have to do with the need and ability to survive during long periods of hardship. Russian women today are still considered to be tough cookies who face challenges strait on no matter what. You will be surprised by how many women in Russia running things from small shops to big enterprises. Another fact worth mentioning is that women in Russia outnumber men significantly, especially when you get out of the big cities such as Moscow or St. Petersburg. Some towns in Russia have 2-3 women for each man living there, making it very hard for a Russian woman to find a worthy man with who she can have children.

Moreover, when dating a Russian woman, you realize that a Russian woman’s true nature is much more than her beauty. A Russian woman is tough, willful, and strong-minded. She is intelligent and not afraid to face and overcome challenges. She has conservative values and doesn’t buy into the feminist movement where everyone sees themselves as victims. A Russian woman loves being feminine, and she is proud to be a mother. And at the same time, she is not afraid to do a man’s job. She sees the world from a “you reap as you sow” perspective. And she knows that hard work is the key to success. Accordingly, dating a woman from Russia requires comprehension and respect for a Russian woman’s persona and not just her beauty. In Russia, most men take a Russian woman’s beauty and high level of competence for granted simply because men are a minority and more or less can choose any woman they desire, making it difficult for a single Russian woman to find a soulmate where she feels appreciated and respected.

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