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A Sexy Russian Woman Posing

What’s The Deal With Russian Women And Sex?

To most men worldwide, when someone mentions Russian women, their thoughts somehow are pointed in the direction of thinking about sex. Here we’ll look at why Russian women are considered so sexy and some scenarios if you desire to have sex with a Russian woman. Today we see sexy Russian women no matter where we look; on the covers of magazines, in commercials, and on social media, it doesn’t matter. Men dream about their exotic lips, their green eyes, their long hair, and of course, their gorgeous bodies. However, what is actually the deal when it comes to Russian women and sex? Initially, if we explore Russian culture, women in Russia always dress to kill in miniskirts or hotpants and high heels when they go out to nightclubs or fancy restaurants, giving the impression that they are up for grabs and it is just a question for a man to grab one. However, it is not that easy to have sex with a gorgeous Russian woman when it comes to reality.

Women in Russia love to tease the opposite sex, and often they play hard to get. Thus if you want to have sex with a Russian woman, you have to earn your keep. Women in Russia like to be conquered, and thus to conquer a sexy Russian woman, there are rituals that a man has to go through. Russian dating etiquette dictates that when a man desires a Russian woman and wants to start dating her, he must demonstrate how much he fancies her. Moreover, he has to prove that he is a man of stature, which includes wining and dining, taking a woman shopping, inviting to events, sending flowers, etc. Hence, it is unlikely that a man will have sex with a Russian woman on the first evening he meets her, e.g., in a nightclub or restaurant. When it comes to Russian culture, things are still very much old-school compared to western standards. To western women having sex on the first date is not a big deal, whereas, for Russian women, it is. It is often said that Russian women date around, but they don’t sleep around.

Besides, the whole concept of casual sex or friends with benefits does not apply to Russian women or culture. Russian women are looking for a serious relationship, not a one-night stand – the reason being that Russian men tend to promise a lot only to mysteriously vanish when they have to fulfill any promises given. Thus, when it comes to the number of lifetime sexual partners, women in Russia have a lot fewer than women, e.g., in the United States. Furthermore, when it comes to the younger women in Russia, they often live with their parents till they get engaged or married because they can not afford their own place on a Russian salary. Hence, simply finding a place to have sex for young Russian women is an issue. Going to a hotel is not an option as a Russian woman would hate to be taken for a prostitute. Having sex in a car is inconvenient, and far from everybody in Russia owns a car. Nevertheless, in the sections below, we’ll give you some tips on how and where to find a Russian woman for sex both in Russia and closer to where you live.

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