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Single Russian Woman

Cultural Reasons To Start Dating A Russian Woman? (Insights)

Over the past 20 years, the awareness of beautiful Russian women has become mainstream. We encounter beautiful Russian women in the movies, like supermodels, in tabloids, on TV, and in many other places. Likewise, Russian dating sites and Russian marriage agencies have emerged on the internet, with hundreds of websites giving western men the opportunity to find a single Russian woman of their dreams. On these websites, all the Russian women seem to be beautiful, confirming that Russian women are exceptional. Furthermore, they are feminine, they love to dress up nicely, and they have great bodies. And there seem to be a lot of them. However, apart from Russian women’s beauty, are there any other reasons you want to start dating a Single Russian woman? Here we will go through some of the best reasons why you should consider dating a Russian woman. Initially, it is crucial to understand a little about Russian history and culture if you consider dating a Russian woman. Russia has, since the collapse of the Soviet Union, gone through a radical transformation – by moving from a planned economy to a market economy, people in Russia have gained a much higher standard of living and thus access to many more options.

Hence, today people in Russia have access to mobile phones, the internet, and foreign media prohibited during communism. Thus, Russian women have a much better idea of what life can be like when it comes to women’s opportunities. Because of cultural factors, job and business opportunities are to some extend still limited for women in Russia, where men dominate within most fields. Thus, making a living in Russia for a woman is more challenging than for a man. Russian women are highly educated, with a very high percentage of women in Russia getting a university degree. However, in many cases, a Russian woman will never have the opportunity to use her education for something relevant to what she has studied. Nevertheless, Russian women always pull through despite their challenges, and you’ll be surprised to know how many women actually run things behind the scenes in Russia. You sometimes hear Russian women saying, “we’ll make the man believe he is the boss.” Making the point that Russian women are the ones who get things done, but it is the men who take the credit.

Consequently, one of the best reasons you should consider dating a Russian woman is her ability to navigate the challenges set before her. In contrast to western women, you never hear Russian women complain about their situation, and they refuse to see themselves as victims. Furthermore, Russian women somehow manage to run things simultaneously to being great mothers to their children, showing that Russian women constantly work hard to make things run and move any situation forward. Furthermore, Russia’s cultural paradigms also require a woman to be a good wife to her husband by making his food, washing his cloth, etc. Something women in the west, in most cases, haven’t done for decades. In conclusion, a Russian woman is a tough cookie, and she is very competent in most situations. Furthermore, she is not squeamish, and she works hard for the family’s benefit. She is persistent and does not complain. Thus, for any man considering dating a woman in Russia, he finds a lot more than beauty.

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