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Dating In Ireland Irish Women

Dating In Ireland: Everything You Need To Know (Tips)

Ireland is a beautiful island in the North Atlantic. It is isolated from Great Britain to the east by the North Channel, Irish Sea, and St George Channel. Ireland is the second-largest island of the British Isles, the third-largest in all of Europe, and the twentieth-largest on Earth. It has an annual GDP per capita of $88,000, which is relatively high compared to other countries in Europe. Furthermore, Ireland has always been a location for tourism: In 2019, it welcomed over 9.7 million tourists from abroad. While Irish culture, cuisine, and beer are indisputably one of the reasons many visit the country, single Irish women have more and more become an attraction as well. When we started digging into the data to examine Ireland’s households and families, we found that the CSO (Central Statistics Office) has created an interactive map that allows you to check the number of single persons in each municipality around the country. Thus, it is relatively easy to find where the chances of finding a single Irish woman are best. According to the Census, Ireland’s population of 4.904 million people includes 1,544,862 single people aged 15 and up, accounting for 41.1 percent of the total.

Women were more likely to be married than being single by the age of 33. By the age of 35, men were more likely to be married than single. The bigger cities had the most significant shares of single people aged 15 or older. Galway had the highest percentage (53.3%), followed by Dublin (53.2%) and Cork (53.2%). Leitrim (35.8%), Roscommon (36%), and Meath (36%) were the counties with the lowest number of single persons. In other words, if you want to meet a single Irish woman – well, then you are better of going to one of Ireland’s biggest cities. Also, from a tourist point of view, the bigger cities tend to be more fun, and there is more to do when it comes to traditional tourist attractions, such as museums, restaurants, etc. Moving on to what Irish women look like, their character and belief systems, etc., we find that Irish women are quite unique compared to many other women in Europe when it comes to their values, but similar regarding how they dress and look.

In Ireland, most women prefer the same brands and use the same makeup as most other European women. However, regarding their looks, some argue that Irish women look like English or Scottish women, which of course, to some extend, is true. Although, some genetic differences persist, and you do find that Irish women have some distinct physical characteristics. Foremost, they have a strong physique, are shorter and heavier than other European women. As a result, Irish women with naturally wide hips, strong legs, and calves are common. Their necks are also thicker than those of, e.g., Swedish or Russian women. Also, Irish women are characterized by their wide cheekbones, straight noses, thin lips, and charming blue eyes. In addition, many Irish women have fair hair, contrary to popular belief that most Irish women have red hair. Nonetheless, Ireland is known as the “Land of the Redheads,” with natural redheads accounting for 10-20% of the population. So, out of ten women, there are two redheads.

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