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To Meet, Date And Marry A Russian Woman Or Not?

To Meet, Date, And Marry A Russian Woman Or Not?

Single Russian women have become very popular on an ever-growing number of international dating and Russian marriage agency websites. Men from all over the world search these popular websites to find someone to meet and potentially marry. But is it worth going through the hassle to find a single Russian woman online compared to finding someone single in your home country? Furthermore, are there any benefits when you date or marry a Russian woman compared to a woman in your home country? In this article, we’ll look at some of the main issues, and we’ll try to evaluate some of the general pros and cons of dating or marrying a woman from Russia. Initially, when most men think about Russian women, they think about beauty and gorgeous bodies. It is no secret that Russian women put a lot more time and effort into looking attractive to the opposite sex than women do in the west. Some reasons for this are cultural, and others have to do with the fact that there are many more women than men in Russia.

So, one benefit of dating or marrying a Russian woman is her beauty and her feminine attractiveness. Yet, upon a little further investigation, we find that Russian women are a lot more than just beauty. Most women in Russia have a university degree, and a significant number of Russian women head positions both in government and the private sector. E.g., Russia has the highest representation of women in top governmental posts than any country in the world, proving that Russian women are not only beautiful but also very capable when it comes to running things. Another issue worth mentioning is Russian women’s ability to combine being great mothers and working hard. Family means a lot to women in Russia, and thus, somehow, a Russian woman manages to keep the balance between being a mother and work. Furthermore, for cultural reasons, women in Russia also are the ones that keep the household when it comes to grocery shopping, cooking, and cleaning.

Also, Russian women are known to be faithful and loyal to their partners or husband. Divorces in Russia per capita are much lower than the divorce rate in, e.g., the United States and Europe. Cultural paradigms in Russian still dictate that if a woman gets a divorce, she, to some degree, has failed to be a good wife. Thus, Russian women fight hard to maintain their marriage regardless of the circumstances and if their husbands are mavericks. Summing up, it becomes apparent that Russian women take on a lot of responsibilities compared to, e.g., women in the west. Furthermore, women in Russia are capable of dealing with most situations in life without complaining. They are tough, resilient, and enduring when it comes to family and children, and they are survivors. In conclusion, is it worth the hassle for a western man to find a single Russian woman? The answer is definitely yes. Meeting and dating a woman from Russia for a western man is a privilege no matter the efforts it requires to get there.

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