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How To Impress A Russian Woman On A First Date?

We all know the expression; you’ll never get a second chance to make a first impression. Thus, when you are going to meet a single Russian woman the first time, you better be well prepared. Initially, understanding a little about Russian dating etiquette will help you on your first date. Things are old-fashioned and traditional in Russia, meaning that the man has to show the way by deciding on what to do and where to go. Thus, to begin with, finding out where to meet for your first date is your first test. Most men choose a restaurant; hence, if you do the same, you have to do a little research on what restaurant will be best suitable for your date. Don’t choose one that is cheap, and make sure that the restaurant has a quiet corner so you can hear each other talking. If you haven’t already brought a gift from your home country, it is time to be creative; find some red roses, bath salts, perfume, or something similar. In Russia, it is custom to bring gifts for dates and also to visit friends and family. The next step is to think about how you look. Women in Russia are conservative; thus, make sure that you look presentable. Wear something formal or at least semi format, e.g., a suit but without the tie.

With the basics in place, it is now time to think about some more advanced actions you can take to impress a single Russian woman on your first date. Of course, be a gentleman no matter what you do. Take out the chair when the woman you are meeting needs to sit down, get the waiter, order the food, etc. and make sure that you do it with authority. A Russian woman will instantly notice if you are insecure or are doubtful. Likewise, if you know something about wine or finer foods, it will also be noticed. When it comes to your conversations, it is a good idea to study up on Russian history and culture; you need to show that you are a knowledgeable man and respect her country. Furthermore, it is not a bad idea to present a Russian woman with a poem you have written yourself. It might sound odd or funny to a westerner; however, even presidents write poems in Russia. If you have taken the time to study some Russian language and, e.g., can present yourself or order food in Russian, you will be looking at a home run.

From hereon, the rest is more or less up to your personality when it comes to impressing the single Russian woman that you are meeting. Thus, make sure to be funny, well-spoken, engaging, show empathy, etc. If you have children or the woman you are meeting has children, make sure to mention them. Likewise, don’t hesitate to ask personal and direct questions that you have prepared in advance. It tells a Russian woman that you don’t go into something without being prepared. Finally, it should be mentioned that if a Russian marriage agency is arranging your first date with a single Russian woman, a translater most likely will be present at your first meeting. Thus, making more room for more advanced conversations if the Russian woman you are meeting does not speak English very well. Also, a Russian marriage agency can help out with restaurant choice, transportation for you and the woman you are meeting, finding the right gifts, and making further plans for the coming days of your stay.

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